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Included in this package is the complete installation and setup of the Paradox MG5050 System. 

What you get:

  • Paradox MG5050 Alarm Panel

  • Paradox LCD Alphanumeric Keypad

  • 4 X Paradox Wireless 18kg Pet Immune Detectors

  • Paradox Wireless Siren

  • 2 X Paradox Remotes

  • Paradox Ethernet card fully connected to your internet

  • 1 year subscription to the Insite Gold Smartphone Application

  • Alarm System Battery Backup

As stated above this is a complete installation including smartphone setup and programming of user codes. This package comes with a full 12 months warranty. 

Payright Alarm Package.jpg
ParadWireless Motion Detector
Paradox LCD Alphanumeric Keypad
Paradox 5 Button Remote
Paradox Wireless Siren

Paradox MG5050 Burglar Alarm System

The Paradox MG5050 or Magellan 5050 is a professional burglary alarm system combining both hard wired and wireless capabilities. Designed with the 'end user' in mind this system offers a reliable, seamless and simple to use alarm system. With the addition of the smart phone application 'Insite Gold' this system is even easier to use and monitor offering you complete control of the system including arming, disarming, zone bypass & alarm push notifications.

Payright Alarm Package
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