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FS Security Systems installs home security systems for all households throughout South-East Queensland.

We know security is important, that's why you're reading this page. We use high quality products only.

Feel Protected In Your Queensland Home

Are you looking for home security?

Let one of our qualified staff take the guess work out of securing your household and loved ones. Our staff are specialists, and trained to make recommendations to suit all household needs.

How We Protect You:

Alarm / Access Control

  • Burglary Detection

  • Smartphone monitoring and control

  • Back to base alarm monitoring

  • Integrated access control options

  • Wireless solutions for those hard to reach areas

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  • High Resolution camera

  • IP & TVI solutions to suit your budget

  • Weather and Vandal Proof Cameras

  • Smartphone application for your peace of mind

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  • 2 Wire video or IP intercoms

  • High resolution video images

  • Smart phone applications

  • Control gates & doors

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